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Long leash/cord for outside training? : r/Dogtraining

21 Mar 2015 Your dog will respond better in distraction. Here’s the anecdote to prove the point: I have a 2 year old American Akita who thinks the best …

Doree Shafrir: the best $3,000 I ever spent was on dog training – Vox

9 Jul 2019 We loved Beau from the day we met him, but it didn’t take long for his true personality to emerge.

A 50ft lead is the best purchase I have ever made. : r/Dogtraining

20 Mar 2020 Specifically theres a state park nearby that allows for off-leash dogs as long as they can be controlled by voice alone. Jack has great …

Dog Harness Vs. Collar: Which is Better?

16 Nov 2021 Find out if a harness or a collar is better for your dog from AKC’s dog training experts.

It’s amazing what lengthening your leash can do : r/Dogtraining

22 Nov 2020 Dogs do better learning to heel with a longer lead. By giving slack to the dog, they don’t feel the natural urge to pull. Dogs have something …

8 best dog harnesses in 2021: Find the best harness for your dog

12 Feb 2021 These are better for dogs still leashtraining or those that tend to pull, as the front clip allows owners to “steer” the dog, she explained. 1.

[Help] how the hell do you use a long line? : r/dogs

13 Feb 2019 You might also find some good handling videos on youtube. Some of the LL videos are about e-collar training, but I think you can still learn …

The mistakes people make at the dog park that put their pet at risk

28 Apr 2019 Done right, the dog park can be a great way to exercise and socialize your … so their people are headed to off-leash dog parks in droves.

Collar Versus Harness: Which Is Best For Your Dog? – DogTime

Which is more effective for training and walking your dog? A harness or a collar? … Also, if your dog has long hair, it might get caught up in a harness.

Reactive Dog Training: Tips To Help Your Dog Get Better

26 Jun 2021 Just take his leash and move away from the situation until he is more relaxed and happy again. But, of course on the long run we want to not …

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